A torture! This! You!

Damn, I’m addicted to you..

“I’m telling you. She is like this. If a guy insisting on asking her for her phone number and she got fed up of refusing him, she’ll give him her number.”

Really, mom?

“Yeah, and when the guy keep on calling her, she’ll pick up the phone but instead of talking with the other party, she put her cellphone down. Letting the guy talking to himself.. And if the guy keep on calling her anyway, she’ll turn off her cellphone”

That was mom’s and my husband-soon-to-be conversation. I don’t know how we reach that topic, but he was talking about how I refuse to respond him at first. Then, he was all happy while saying: “That’s why, you have to know the guy first before refusing him. See, in the end, you like me right?”. I laugh it off to hide my embarrassment.

We were tired yesterday, all the more him. He has to drive for hours and also has to bear with his lil’brother couple spat. That wasn’t nice. Thanks to me being there, things wasn’t so difficult for him. After spending our time with his family, he finally tell his family that he want to take me home. It was 6 p.m and it’s still too early to be at home. I was a bit unsatisfied since we barely spend the time for just the two of us.

However, after we reach the car, he only move the car and park it somewhere further – one where his family wouldn’t notice. “I’ll take you home later, let’s spend some time together”, he said. For a while, I was just resting myself since I do feel kinda tired. He too, was doing the same while staring at me.

What?”, I said. “Nah, just wondering how can you be so cute”, he answered. Without giving me time to blush, he took my hand and kiss it for quite long. He, then, move my hand around his face while closing his eyes. “This feels nice. So calm and relaxing”, he continued. Later, my hand is never out of his hand and his kisses. Inside, I was contradicting. I knew that he like me so much. Of course, he has lust for me, but I also realize he loves me. Realizing that make it hard for me to shove his hand.

You know, if it’s another man, I would’ve scold him for even holding my hand. Let alone kissing”, I said. “But, you let me. Why?”, he wondered. “Well, you are my husband and all.. Or would you rather have me refusing your touch?”, I answered while half heartedly pulling my hand. “No! No, no, no, no, no! I’d like you to refuse letting go off my hand, not refusing my hand”, He responded while holding my hand so tight. He continued kissing my hand and taking his time in every kisses.

Torture, this.

I know I have to stop him, but this feels so nice. I want to pull my hand, but I don’t have the heart to do so after looking at his blissful expression.

Without asking for my permission, he kissed my forehead. Not once, not twice. A few times until I moves a bit too far from his reach. We talked some more, and he keep on holding my hand. I was putting my bag on my lap. To my surprise, he put his head on my lap.

Baby?”, I tried to shake him off. He didn’t move. Well, he was tired so I let him be. While he sleep off his sleepiness for a bit, I played with his hair. “You know, doing all this, spoiling me and letting me doing the same, feeling my touch – full of affection – and touching me, won’t this makes thing harder for you when our time is up?”, I wondered. He look at me and sat properly. “No, I guess.. I’ll focus to my job on the day. But, I would miss this so much when the night come..”, he answered. “Shall I drive you home?”, he continued.

This, you, torture.

I got addicted to him. It’s kinda hard to get home.

He looked at me while laughing. “It’s hard for me too. If you asked, I would rather not let you home. I want you to sleep over at my house and spend our time together until sleep time.. Ah, why is our wedding day so far away?”, He looked pained while counting our big day which only less than 2 month away.

He moves closer, kissed my forehead as if he can’t get enough of it. He moves down and kiss my cheek which makes me afraid. To hide my fears, I pretend to be angry. “Baby? Love, are you angry? Don’t be, Okay..? I won’t do it so much. Promise. Love..?”, he said. “Well, time to go home?”, he asked while smiling – realizing that I mind the thought. ”If you don’t want to, I’ll kiss you some more”, he continued while laughing.

I pinched his cheek and smile. Off we go, to my home. The closer my home is, the more random grumble I threw. That make things hard for him too. Why should I be the only one tortured for being separated for the day? He too have to suffer the same! Hahaha!!

We reach my house in no time and we both get into the house. He has to say goodbye to my parent and also saying thanks for letting him having me all day. He also want to ask for permission to take me with him tomorrow.

“Assalamualaikum Mom, Dad.”, he said.

Hey fiance! Have a safe trip to padang! I am a bit too tired to keep you company but we’ll see each other at noon. Drive safely, and if you are bored, call me! Love you my one!