Don’t have a shopping list? Nah, I beg to disagree. It is okay to have a shopping list. We can’t just blindly accept any man that come to us, right? However, please check whether you are worthy of your shopping list before asking for an outrageous list. I know that God grant us what we wishes, but that only happen if we worth it.

I used to insist on not casting my shopping list – the list that I want from my dream man. This is why I do not want to get married to my long history ex. He barely meet any of my list. Maybe if there are 10 condition, he only manage to make 2 of them. Way too few. I realize that people have flaws, that I am not that perfect to be picky. However, I also realize that even the not-so-precious me have my own worth.

You know what? My current man, my other half, is the very picture of my dream man. Of course he has his share of flaws but it’s nothing compare to all his good trait. Not to mention that I even get a few other bonus that I mentioned to my friend or family jokingly. I guess.. he is the answer of my prayer.

So, what kind of prayer did I said all these years, to be granted such a great man? This is my prayer

O Allah, the creator of all. Please grant me the chance, the courage and the capability. So I can be the person I’ve always wanted to be, so I can live the life I’ve always want to live, so I can cherish my utmost important one

O Allah, the one who own all the beauty. Please beautify my heart and my faith toward Allah. Please beautify my words and my personality, please beautify my rationality and my knowledge, please beautify my body and soul. Please, O Allah, let me become the most beautiful creation on your earth. And when the time come, please chose you best creation, to be my other half, to live by my side as my husband

If, he is too good for me, then help me to become worthy of him. If, I am too good for him, please help him to become worthy of me. I trust your decision. You know best what I need the most

If I were to look closely, maybe what I’ve been through recently, is God’s way to make me worthy of him. It’s Allah way to make me much wiser, more patience, more faith, more tolerance, more of everything. But His way wasn’t easy, I was wounded terribly inside. That is why Allah grant me a man who is actually capable of healing me.

On his side, he was suffering too, almost as long as mine. It makes him realize how rare a woman like me is. It makes him see what he can’t see before. It makes him capable to find me precious. Just like me, his lesson was terribly painful too. That is why, Allah grant him a woman who is actually capable of healing him.

It’s like a miracle when you see how we find each other as our most precious gift. Irreplaceable.

I do not know if I am his mc.dreamy, but yeah, he is my mc.dreamy.