know me?

Well, hello there~~

Fitri is here

First, I’d like to welcome you all to my blog and sorry. Ahaha. I believe most of you find me on google search, but I’m not sure you find what you were searching since my blog is nothing but a diary.

About me?

Before you continue to read this page, maybe it’s better to read this post: Introducing: Me!. My name is Nur fitriana, but I prefer a name like Shayna Vida. Wahaha. People call me pit or ipit. It is a common thing here to be called that way if your name is Fitri. My family call me fitri, and I love it when the do it. Some of my friend call me Chipit, cupid, sayang by amy, and culun (my bestie) and cc or cincaah by cincah (my bestie too).

I am a well educated girl. LOL. I am well educated about being funny, I am well educated about being silly. I am well educated about being lazy. I am well educated too about teasing other. See? I told you I am well educated.

I love white horse and white lotus, see my post here. In general I love flower. I also love butterfly, see my post here. I am generally feminine in some unnecessary things, because guess what? I don’t really like cooking (which is a must if you consider your self as a feminine girl). But I make it out by being a nice girl, a loving voice (a bit hate this part though), love craft and sewing, love art and design, love to be girly except about that cooking thing. Uhmm, I am promoting my self as a good girlfriend since I am currently single. Did it work? lol

I am scare of MARRIAGE, and a lot other stuff that don’t scare me as bad as the word marriage a lot. Inside I have a quite troublesome personality which can only be seen if I trust you enough. I do not easily consider outsider as my friend but once I did they’ll be my life-time friend. So congratulation to my best cincah, amy, and culun whom I have consider as my best so far.

What does it mean? Since it hard for me to be close to people, those who can get close to me must have a beautiful personality that makes me fallen for them. I’m so blessed to have friend like them. Love you all galz

More about me:

  • Page: (you can see my page at my gravatar, see my pic right beside? just hover your mouse over there and it will tell you everything^^)
  • hobby: photoediting/retouch. writing in this diary, reading some comics (i always read some manga online here), art, craft, singing.
  • what i like: i like u, i like comics, i like poetry, singing, dancing, getting crazy sometimes..

well, I knew a few things about me is too girly to be part of me, but that’s how crazy I am. Once you’ll feel like I’m wearing so-much mask, but TADAA!! that’s all me! Confuse rite? Me too


I ♥ My self

I ♥ My life

I ♥ My story

I ♥ Everyday of being me!!

Whether it’s a teary or bright day, Whether it’s a tragic or touching story, Whether it’s sad or happy. For every second of living and being me. I’m so thankful


3 thoughts on “know me?”

  1. LnddMiles said:

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  2. udah aku save di blogroll 🙂
    namanya kak fitri … tengkyu ya kak … ^^

  3. Amy Izanni said:

    waaaa. so touched! my name’s there! love u darl. :’)

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